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Monday, August 1, 2016

Rethinking Your Business Logo

Rethinking Your Business Logo

Your logo is the face of your business. The very first impression people have of your brand.
It captures your business with an eye catching image that is used to identify and promote your brand both online and offline. It is through this image people easily recognise your business and connect to it. Therefore, having a well thought out and designed logo will help people remember you, and when people remember you, you stand out from competition and remain top of mind for them.
Let us play a quick game here. Try to identify the companies with their logos below:

You see how quick you were able to name them. You did not even need to see the names of these companies as the logos immediately connected you to the business. Why do you think this happened so fast? Simply because these logos are memorable.
Always bear in mind that simplicity is key for designing a great logo. Ideally, you should consult a branding specialist to assist with developing your brand logo and guidelines. This will help inform a successful perception of your brand. However, if you are not willing to spend much, the great news is that there are several online logo makers out there to get you started. We have listed a few in this post. What is most important is a solid understanding of your business, your target audience and what you want to say with the image. Before you know it, you are up and running with your logo.

What Makes a Good Logo?
A good logo is one that is memorable, remains timeless and conveys the right message. It should be attractive but also functional as well. So do not think of it as just an art, it is much more.

Follow the points listed below to help you design that great looking logo to help sell your business.

Make it Simple
Clean and simple design.
Do not use lengthy fonts.
This will only make it busy and confusing.
Manage the use of colours.
People appreciate what is easier to process

Make it Distinctive
Be creative with your designDo not copy other logos or use stock arts. The idea is for you to be unique and originalLook at industry trends to give you an idea of what has been done, however do not slavishly copy the logos

Make it Versatile
It should be able to work on any medium or applicationIt should be identifiable in small or large sizes. Therefore, your logo should be available in vector formats so it can be scaled to any sizeWhen printed in black and white or coloured format, it should still maintain its effectiveness. Create variants of your logo so it can appear strong on any background it is placed on.

Make it Appropriate
It should be appropriate for the intended audience. If your brand is targeted at kids, then it should be made up of fun and childish colours and fonts. However, if it is geared towards adults, then something more serious is required. Great logos can stand the test of time. It can evolve over the years but the concept should remain strong. Once you follow these guidelines, your logo will be memorable and timeless. This way, people can easily recognise and remember your business.

 What Colours Should You Use For Your Logo?
Colours are an essential part of your logo. Pay attention to the colour you choose for your logo. Different colours and shades have their meanings and effects on people as a result of colour association, therefore choose an appropriate and meaningful colour that will pass the right message intended for your business.

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