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Thursday, August 4, 2016

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What if you had to flee your country—the only home you have ever known—leaving your parents behind and taking with you the young siblings you were charged to protect? Bukky Olarewaju Agboola was faced with this terrifying obstacle as a young woman, fresh from college graduation. She knew she had to protect her siblings and to do so, she would have to leave Nigeria. 

In the early 1980s, military forces overthrew the Nigerian government, took power, and shook the nation. The ensuing economical and political shift would affect her family forever as they struggled to survive in a country embroiled in turmoil. Agboola, still a teenager herself, would have to gather the courage from God to support herself and her siblings in a new country. They would have to leave their parents and home of Nigeria for the new opportunities of London. 

A captivating story of sacrifice, strength, and love, I Made it Through touches on what it means to truly have faith in God’s master plan. Overcoming adversity and barriers to a life of stability, Agboola shares how God saw her through the darkness into the light at the end. 

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